• West Coast Ferries Forum– Online Forum with approximately 100 active members with discussion centered around British Columbian, Washingtonian and Alaskan Ferries
  • Evergreen Fleet– Website run by Steven J. Pickens that documents the history and profile of west coast ferries, primarily Washington State Ferries
  • Washington State Ferries– Largest ferry operator in Washington State and the United States
  • BCFerries– Largest ferry operator in British Columbia and North America


  • Liftblog– Skilift Blog run by Peter Landsman with extensive databases including nearly every North American Skilift and new lift construction. Also worth noting; the formatting of was inspired by this site.
  •– Skilift Database
  • Community Forum– Online Forum with discussion centered around the North American Skilift Industry


  • JetPhotos– Aircraft gallery featuring photos taken by aviation enthusiasts